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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

I took the following pictures on Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately I missed a few aircraft, but here are pictures of most of the aircraft that made it to Caldwell for the Convention...

N21ZZ - Rollie Zavada, New York
N222LW - Jim Waldron, Maryland
N2370T - The Douthitts, California
N2438T - Bob Supp, Nevada
N2539T - Hal Kading, New Mexico
N4131K - Lane Darnall, Nebraska
N422HJ - Paula Tomlinson, Washington
N4254K - Richard Baylis, California
N4417K - Oce Dotson, Arizona
N4428K - Wallace Dominque, Texas
N4584K - George Mintzer, California
N4956K - Albertina Hayes (Ike?), Texas
N5130K - Bud Supp, Nevada
N5195K - Marilyn Olwin, New Mexico
N521T - Clyde Fancher, Nevada
N5223K - Dick Drake, Idaho
N5318K - Dick McSpadden
N5357K - Jim Turner, California
N5369K - Arthur Hutchison, Colorado
N5413K - Bill Putney, California
N8537H - Roberta Gibson, California
N8690H - Robert Cartwright, Nebraska
N8747H - John Matthews, Idaho (this was a local ramp queen)
N8915H - Ron Judy, Oklahoma
N91103 - Joel Thornburg, California
N91431 - Joseph Humble, California
N91531 - Richard Holmes, Washington
N91587 - Frtiz Warner, Colorado
N91597 - Dennis Dooley, California
N91611 - Brody Conklin, Idaho
N91729 - Ken Scherfee, California